CAS ER-Junior Price Computing Scale NZ

Cost Effective ER-Junior Retail Scale

The ER-Junior Retail Scale is a “cost effective” alternative to its big brother the ER-Plus. Recently arriving in New Zealand, this popular Trade Approved Scale covers the basics required for Farmer’s Markets, Mobile Shops & small Grocery Stores.

CAS ER Junior Retail Pricing ScaleThe ER-Junior Retail Scale comes with 4 direct PLU keys, front & rear LCD displays (Weight/Unit Price/Total Price), adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy and is compact in design. Not too mention it’s lightweight (3.5kg) and easily portable with the ability to run off both AC mains or Rechargeable Battery.

Easy to set up and easy-to-use sales transaction features. The ER-Junior allows you to input the Unit Price using the numeric keys or set up 4 direct PLUs (Price Look Up) using the M1~M4 keys. You can also add individual transactions to the “Daily Total Amount” by using the * Star Key , you can check the running Total Price & number of Transactions completed as and when you please. If needed, the ER-Junior is also capable of adding multiple items into one transaction by using the + Plus Key, allowing the scale to sum up an individual client’s purchase for you.

This Retail Scale also has the added feature of “Unit Price Hold”, so no need to re-enter the unit price each time you are weighing the same product!

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