Basic Check Weigh Function

Selection of digital weighing scales that also include a basic check weigh function. These models offer the user the benefit of being able to set ‘High’ & ‘Low’ limits for basic quality control. Most models will display the HI/OK/LO indicator along with alarm beeps.

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  • CAS SW-1C Trade Approved Weighing Scale

    CAS SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale

    Trade Approved. Simple Weighing & Counting functions with Battery Operation. Easily portable. Stainless Steel Tray options.

    Max Capacity: 2 ~ 30kg

    Trade Approved

  • CAS ED-H Digital Weighing Scale with High Accuracy

    CAS ED-H Digital Weighing Scale

    High Accuracy weighing & counting scale with AC & rechargeable battery operation. Additional features such as percentage mode, accumulation mode & comparison function. PC or Printer connectable. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 3 ~ 30kg