Portion Control Application

Selection of digital weighing scales recommended for portion control applications. These models are ideal for kitchen or bakery type environments, providing exact portioning and precise ingredient weighing. Also recommended for mixing paint, gels and creams etc. Some models include Percentage Weighing Mode.

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  • CAS PW-II Portion Control Weighing Scale

    CAS PW-II Digital Weighing Scale

    Stainless Steel casing Portion Control scale with battery operation. High internal resolution for accurate weighing. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 2 ~ 10kg

  • CAS SW-1C Trade Approved Weighing Scale

    CAS SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale

    Trade Approved. Simple Weighing & Counting functions with Battery Operation. Easily portable. Stainless Steel Tray options.

    Max Capacity: 2 ~ 30kg

    Trade Approved

  • CAS MWP Micro Weighing Lab Precision Balance

    CAS MWP Micro Weighing Balance

    High accuracy & increased resolution for precision weighing. Counting & Percentage Functions. Small and portable. AC & Battery operation.

    Max Capacity: 300g ~ 3kg

  • CAS ED-H Digital Weighing Scale with High Accuracy

    CAS ED-H Digital Weighing Scale

    High Accuracy weighing & counting scale with AC & rechargeable battery operation. Additional features such as percentage mode, accumulation mode & comparison function. PC or Printer connectable. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 3 ~ 30kg

  • CAS SW-1W Trade Approved Waterproof Scale

    CAS SW-1W Digital Weighing Scale

    Trade Approved. Waterproof scale with battery operation. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 2 ~ 30kg

    Trade Approved