Baby Weighing Scales

Light weight and easy to carry baby scales, ideal for Midwifes, Doctors and hospitals. Choose from bench top Baby Scales, hand held Hanging Baby Scales or advanced Neonatal & Pediatric Baby Scales.

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  • CAS CHS Small Hanging Scale - Baby Weighing - Midwives - Fisherman

    CAS CHS Digital Hanging Scale

    Hand-Held Weighing Scale. Battery operated, light weight and portable. Built-in measuring tape.

    Max Capacity: 15 ~ 50kg

  • CAS ED-N Neonatal Baby Scale

    CAS ED-Neonatal Digital Baby Scale

    Extremely high accuracy Neonatal Baby Weighing Scale with AC & rechargeable battery operation. Large baby tray. Additional features such as percentage mode, accumulation mode & comparison function. PC or Printer connectable. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 3 ~ 30kg