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  • CAS CHS Small Hanging Scale - Baby Weighing - Midwives - Fisherman

    CAS CHS Digital Hanging Scale

    From: $85.00

    Hand-Held Weighing Scale. Battery operated, light weight and portable. Built-in measuring tape.

    Max Capacity: 15 ~ 50kg

  • CAS SW-1C Trade Approved Weighing Scale

    CAS SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale

    From: $207.00

    Trade Approved. Simple Weighing & Counting functions with Battery Operation. Easily portable. Stainless Steel Tray options.

    Max Capacity: 2 ~ 30kg

    Trade Approved

  • CAS ER Junior Retail Pricing Scale

    CAS ER Junior Price Computing Scale


    Trade Approved. Retail price computing scale. 4 direct PLU keys. Dual interval technology. Lightweight (3.5kg) and very portable. AC & rechargeable battery is supplied.

    Max Capacity: 6 ~ 30kg.

    Trade Approved

  • CAS SW-1W Trade Approved Waterproof Scale

    CAS SW-1W Digital Weighing Scale

    From: $306.00

    Trade Approved. Waterproof scale with battery operation. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 2 ~ 30kg

    Trade Approved

  • CAS PB Portable Bench Scale - Trade Approved NZ

    CAS PB Portable Bench Scale


    Trade Approved. Portable Bench Scale with large detachable LCD display and white backlight. Tare & Hold functions. Large carry handle and robust base. Able to connect to PC or Printer. AC mains, Rechargeable Battery or 4 x C Size Battery operated. Ideal for Parcel Weighing or People Weighing.

    Max Capacity: 30 ~ 200kg

    Trade Approved

  • CAS MWP Micro Weighing Lab Precision Balance

    CAS MWP Micro Weighing Balance

    From: $475.00

    High accuracy & increased resolution for precision weighing. Counting & Percentage Functions. Small and portable. AC & Battery operation.

    Max Capacity: 300g ~ 3kg

  • CAS ED-N Neonatal Baby Scale

    CAS ED-Neonatal Digital Baby Scale


    Extremely high accuracy Neonatal Baby Weighing Scale with AC & rechargeable battery operation. Large baby tray. Additional features such as percentage mode, accumulation mode & comparison function. PC or Printer connectable. Easily portable.

    Max Capacity: 3 ~ 30kg

  • CAS RW-S Wheel Weigh Pad - Vehicle Weighing Scale

    CAS RW-S/L Vehicle Weighing Scales

    From: $2,500.00

    Independent and Model Vehicle Axle Weigher. Low profile (60mm). Small & Large size available. Large LCD display with backlight. Rechargeable battery. Gives individual wheel or total wheels weight. Connect up to 6 plates at the same time. Water resistant (IP65).

    Max Capacity: 5 ~ 10ton