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CAS Weighing Scales for all types of business & industries.

CAS Scales stock an large range of Digital Weighing Scales for various applications. In order to locate Weighing Scales for your application please select from the main Weighing Scales’ product categories. Our Digital Weighing Scales are designed to assist with day-to-day operations, either in a kitchen, retail shop, hardware shop, warehouses & heavy industrial environments. Our products are reliable & easy to use.

If at any stage you are still unsure which product is best for you then simply contact our knowledgeable staff, provide them with your requirements and they’ll select the most suitable scale products and provide product details along with prices. Click here to Email CAS NZ Sales department.

  • Auxiliary Devices & Scale Accessories

    Auxiliary Devices & Scale Accessories (6)

    Scale Accessories and Auxiliary devices can be found here in this section. Thermal Scale printers, Auxiliary weight displays, labels and wrapping machines.
  • Crane Scales

    Crane Scales (5)

    Crane Scales are used to measure the weight of a load as it is lifted, typically by a crane, hoist or winch. These Crane Scales are applicable in industrial areas including manufacturing factories, recycle/scrap metal yards and also heavy-duty industrial plants. Some Crane Scales are equipped with wireless remote control function which makes operations more efficient and safe.
  • Digital Counting Scales

    Digital Counting Scales (8)

    Most digital scales as well as some balances have the ability to perform basic counting. However with the demands for tighter stock control and miniature components, scale manufacturers have developed dedicated counting scales. Dedicated counting scales have 3 displays (Weight / Unit Weight / Count) and are able to take the unit sample weight of individuals items. This increases the scales counting accuracy. Non-dedicated counting scales are general weighing scales with an added basic counting function. These scales have only one display and can only take sample weights in multiples (eg. 10, 20, 50). Although these scale are not as advanced as dedicated counting scales, they do provide an affordable alternative.
  • Digital Weighing Indicators

    Digital Weighing Indicators (6)

    Digital weighing indicators to suit various requirements and applications, such as process control, parts counting, check weighing, truck weighing - single or multi deck, onboard weighing, filling, batching, luggage weighing, summing and much more. Our high-performance digital indicators can be found working across many industries, controlling the weighing function in manufacturing, packing, bulk handling and logistics operations etc. Our weight indicators can offer a comprehensive range of functionalities, from basic indicators for simple weight routines, to static check-weigh applications.
  • Industrial Floor & Platform Scales

    Industrial Floor & Platform Scales (7)

    Large Platform & Floor Scales recommended for Industrial environments. Platform Scales are usually for weighing pallets or drums, though to large parcels and even tanks can be weighed using these types of scales. In order for some platform scales to work you will also need a digital indicator as these are not always included. Floor Scales come in a range of different sizes and capacities. Some models include counting functions and preset weight/count range (HI/OK/LO) and are ideal for multiple applications.
  • Laboratory Balances

    Laboratory Balances (6)

    Sophisticated digital Lab Balances for any science or medical laboratory. Also used in pharmacies and anywhere where tight precision is a must. Analytical Balances are very accurate balances ideal for today's laboratory requirements. These include functions such as internal calibration weights, one touch or automatic calibration, counting, percentage modes, GLP software, RS-232C communications to other peripherals and multiple weight modes. Precision Balances are for laboratory work and extreme precision weighing as in weighing of: Chemicals, Small electronic parts, Precious stones, Seeds (in agriculture). Portable Balances are cost effective and are able to be moved about the lab or workplace. Suitable for Schools or Quality Control.
  • Load Cells

    Load Cells (22)

    A load cell or force sensor is a device which converts load or force into an electrical signal. We have a large selection of Single Point load cells, Shear & Bending Beam load cells, S-Type, Canister, Low Profile and Weighbridge Load Cells for various compression and tension weighing applications.
  • Weighbridge & Vehicle Weighing Scales

    Weighbridge & Vehicle Weighing Scales (6)

    Vehicle Weighing Solutions from Modular Weighbridges with a variety of lengths and capacities to Portable Vehicle Weighing Pads for weighing individual Wheels & Axles. CAS Scales provides one of the most popular modular Weighbridge designs, allowing it to be customised. Truly versatile galvanised steel with multiple sizes and capacities, designed for above ground or in-ground weighbridge foundations.
  • Digital Weighing Scales

    Digital Weighing Scales (10)

    General & Multi-purpose Weighing Scales. Digital Weighing Scales are the most widely used weighing products in the world. These models are designed to assist your day-to-day operation, either in a kitchen, hardware or retail shops and are reliable and easy to use. Some models feature a basic counting function, basic check weigh, or external communication ports. Here you will also find scales suitable for Portion Control, Parcel Weighing, Weight Sampling, Jewelry & Gem applications.
  • Medical & Healthcare Scales

    Medical & Healthcare Scales (7)

    Whether you need a single digital medical scale for a small doctor's office, hospital, healthcare, fitness center, gym or home use; we've got the right medical scales at the right price for your particular needs. Choose from high capacity digital Bariatric Scales, Roll-on Wheelchair Scale, Patient Scales, even high capacity digital bathroom scales. Baby scales and Neonatal scale for new born babies.
  • Retail & Price Computing Scales

    Retail & Price Computing Scales (8)

    Whether it's for backroom pre-pack areas, fresh food manufacturers, farmers markets, roadside stands, convenience stores or supermarkets we have a digital retail scale to suit your requirements. From basic "weigh only" to price computing, networked management reporting scales, Point of Sale (POS) & Electronic Cash Register (ECR) systems. These scales offer functionality, durability and user friendly operation. When selecting retail scales, you will need to consider the type of application that the scale will be used in i.e. front counter or pre-packaging as not all retail scales are suitable for direct selling to the public. Other considerations should be whether power is available, if you want to store price & product information (PLU's), if you need to use the scale to compute the price, tax and totals, also if you require the scale to print labels or receipts.