CAS WBK Loadcell Weighbridge Install

WBK Load Cells & Weighbridge for Port Taranaki

Last month, our largest CAS Industrial dealer Sensortronic Group, along with Port Taranaki engineers, spent three weeks upgrading the existing Avery Weighbridge at the port.

The bridge was raised and steel frame work was sent away for blasting and painting. The pit was cleaned out and then the plinths were poured for the load cells. The bridge was then reassembled and lowered back into the pit on top of the new CAS WBK load cells, followed by levelling, cabling, wiring and calibration.

Sensortronic Group, have also supplied Port Taranaki’s new CAS EZY LODEC 24 meter Weighbridge that is due to be installed in the coming weeks. This will be able to split weigh truck and trailer loads and runs the same software that has been installed on the two other Weighbridges.