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Whatever your industrial customers need to weigh, we have the right scale for the job available anywhere in New Zealand

With the rigorous demands and specific requirements of the industrial sector, matching your clients to the best tools for the job is essential. Our accurate weighing solutions provide New Zealand businesses with quality, reliability and peace of mind whether your industrial clients need scales to weigh pallets, drums, large parcels or anything in between. And by accessing a global brand, our locally-owned business presents your new and existing clients with the best tools for weighing, including medium to heavy loads. In addition, this precision equipment assists in maintaining quality control and accurate records across a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and logistics.

And with the help of our dedicated support network, you will always be backed by all the knowledge and advice you’ll ever need. So call us today. And remember, we have it all, from retail weigh scales with integrated labelling, industrial load cells, and commercial portable bench scales to heavy-duty weighbridge scales.

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Get the best in the business with our quality products and top-level customer service

  • Ongoing technical support and expert advice accompany everything we sell 
  • A comprehensive range of industrial scales, including load cells, platform and floor scales
  • We are NZ's exclusive wholesaler of a trade-approved global brand of weighing solutions
The team at CAS (NZ) Ltd are available nationwide for face-to-face meetings to discuss your business requirements.

Our range of industrial weigh scales

Our industrial-rated scales come in different sizes, incorporating large platform and floor scales, pallet weighers, portable bench or counting scales, digital indicators, crane scales, and check-weighers. And with additional capabilities, our floor scales are suited to multiple applications, with models offering counting and preset functionality. 

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HFS Platform Scale

➜ robust construction ➜ IP66 rated ➜ non-skid groved steel platform ➜ load cell wire protected by flexible cable ➜ high quality powder coating ➜ load cell corner (adjustable) P.C.B ➜ adjustable swivel feet ➜ incorporates single pass automatic span calibration and is RFI/EMI Shielded
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PB Portable Bench Scale

➜ light weight and easy to carry ➜ large detachable LCD display with white backlight ➜ rechargable battery operation (300hrs continuous use) ➜ AC adaptor included ➜ auto zero tracking ➜ auto power-off function ➜ RS-232 interface (cable not included)

HD Platform Scale

➜ easy-to-use with 8 function keys ➜ tiltable display ➜ RS-232C interface (cable not included) ➜ general weighing mode ➜ percentage and counting mode ➜ weighing comparison (HI/OK/LO) ➜ AC or rechargeable battery operated

DB-IIJR & DB-II Platform Scales

➜ swivel & tiltable display ➜ RS-232C interface ➜ general weighing mode ➜ percentage weighing mode ➜ weighing comparison (HI/OK/LO) ➜ basic counting mode ➜ optional wall-mount bracket ➜ backlight ➜ *300kg model is non-trade

CK200-SC Waterproof Check-Weigh Scale

➜ HI/OK/LO limit with bright comparator lights for check weighing ➜ fully stainless steel housing and load cell ➜ RS-232 interface ➜ numeric and function keys ➜ full digital calibration ➜ various functions

BW Washdown Platform Scale

➜ swivel & tiltable display ➜ RS-232C interface (cable not included) ➜ general weighing mode ➜ weighing comparison (HI/OK/LO) ➜ basic counting mode ➜ optional wall-mount bracket ➜ backlight

ECB Counting Scale

➜ up to 124 items memory with 24 direct keys and 100 indirect keys ➜ checkweigh & count with alarm beeps ➜ LCD display with blue backlight ➜ AC & rechargeable battery ➜ internal resolution 1/600,000 ➜ auto power-off function ➜ auto zero tracking

SW-II Weighing & Count Scale

➜ compact and portable design with rear display ➜ change weight unit kg, lb, oz ➜ hold functiongn ➜ basic counting function (non-trade use) ➜ rechargeable battery or 3 x D size battery operated ➜ AC Adapter ➜ LCD display ➜ HI/LOW limit function ➜ RS-232C connection

Our expert team will teach you all there is to know about selecting the correct load cell for your industrial applications

Our experienced staff can advise you on our wide range of high-precision industrial load cells. We have everything for various compression and tension weighing applications, including single point, shear and bending beam, S-type, canister, and low profile designs. For example, we offer a single-point load cell that could be used in a bench platform to check quantities, fill bags, or grade machines with a capacity not exceeding 150kgs. On the other hand, our nickel-plated shear beam load cell is suitable for low-profile systems and packing machines for loads between 500kgs and five tonnes and is suited to harsh conditions.

Load cells convert a load or force into an electrical signal; therefore, they are manufactured with different industrial applications, varying weight capacities and environments in mind. And there's a lot to learn, but you don't have to go it alone. We offer you a superior customer experience with ongoing advice, technical support and ideas for growing your business. And with the complexity of load cells and the technology involved - it pays to talk to professionals who are in it for the long haul and care about teaching you all there is to know. Equipped with the proper knowledge, you’ll feel more confident and find it even easier to sell the most suitable products to your clients. Call us today to see why our innovative weighing solutions make us stand out from the crowd.

SBA/SBS S-Beam Load Cell

➜ IP65 rated ➜ nickle plated steel ➜ tension type ➜ OIML
➜ IP68 rated ➜ stainless steel ➜ tension type ➜ opt. Ex ia IIC T6

BSB Shear Beam Load Cell

➜ IP66 rated ➜ nickle plated steel ➜ 4-point platform type ➜ SUS cover
We have many different S beam load cells, depending on your requirements. Please contact us for further details. 
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