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Our dedicated NZ team gives you access to a global leader in accurate weighbridge scales

At CAS (NZ) Ltd, we are your trusted legal metrology experts offering an innovative global brand. Combined with our accurate weighing solutions, excellent customer service and expert advice - you have the best chance of business growth. And with a wide range of digital weighing products for the heavy-industrial sector, we can customise packages to suit.

Of course, your heavy-industry clients don’t just utilise weighbridges, so we also cater to them. We have everything from heavy-duty truck and blue-tooth crane scales to sensortronic and static vehicle weighing pads. And to ensure your success, our knowledgeable staff offer excellent after-sales service and technical advice for everything we sell. In addition, we provide maintenance plans for optimal performance and accuracy where our expert technicians complete calibration, testing and trade verification as required. To find out more about our total weighing solutions for New Zealand businesses, call today. We can determine the best package for you with a face-to-face meeting anywhere in the country. And suppose you don’t just specialise in heavy industrial sales. In that case, we also offer industrial weigh scales, retail counting and portable bench scales, and digital weighing products for commercial customers, including medical and veterinary scales.

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Get reliable heavy-duty weighing products and the best after-sales service and custom maintenance plans

  • Several types of heavy-industrial load cells are available
  • A full range of weighbridge set-ups for heavy-duty applications, including crane scales
  • Personalised advice, ongoing support and maintenance plans by expert metrologists
Our knowledgeable team are available New Zealand-wide for a face-to-face meeting to discuss our full range of weighing solutions and excellent after-sales service.

Our range of weighbridge scales

Our weighbridge scales are available New Zealand-wide and come in various set-ups, above-ground, semi-pit or in-ground foundations - we even have versatile modular solutions. In addition, we manufacture to different lengths, widths and capacities suitable for many applications. We also have weighbridge scale accessories, including weighbridge management software, unmanned drive controls, external-remote displays, traffic lights, CCTV and even modular huts to house it all.

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RW-P Static Vehicle Weighing Pad

➜ low profile (39mm) ➜ portable ➜ multi axle weighing (up to 6 scales)➜ heavy duty cast aluminum➜ IP65 rated ➜ by-wheel, axle or total weight ➜ ramp included ➜ rechargeable battery operation ➜ advanced Digital Filtering to minimize vibration ➜ use with RW-2601P LCD indicator with built in printer NOTE: Dummy pads used to connect pads are sold separetly
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Caston-II Crane Scale

➜ easy-to-read 1.2“ LED display ➜ zero, tare & hold function ➜ robust aluminium cast housing ➜ wireless remote control ➜ auto span & zero tracking ➜ battery operated ➜ 2x rechargeable battery packs & charger included

EZY LODEC Modular Weighbridge

CAS EZY LODEC Weighbridges come in a variety of sizes and capacities. With its new innovative design and low profile (200mm), this weighbridge is available in segments enabling us to customize these bridges from 6 to 24 meters. Its modular design makes it easy to re-locate and install with minimum concrete foundations required. Can be installed in ground or above ground with optional ramps.

RWT In-Motion Vehicle Weighing Scale

➜ low profile (RWT 34mm, RWT-150 19mm) ➜ weigh-in-motion and static weighing mode ➜ portable ➜ wireless communication (connect with RWT-5000F Indicator) ➜ waterproof IP66 ➜ rechargeable battery operation ➜ multi axle weighing ➜ built-in weight display

RW-S/L Static Vehicle Weighing Scale

➜ low profile (60mm) with ramps ➜ large 1“ LCD display with backlight ➜ portable ➜ aluminum casting ➜ wheel or total weight ➜ optional printer connection ➜ rechargeable battery operation ➜ multi axle weighing (up to 6 scales) ➜ Digital Filtering ➜ compound cable ➜ power pack ➜ weigh small or large vehicle

Caston-III/BT Crane Scale

➜ swivel hook ➜ easy-to-read 1.5“ LED display ➜ zero, tare & hold function ➜ robust aluminium cast housing ➜ wireless remote control ➜ auto span & zero tracking ➜ battery operated ➜ 2x rechargeable battery packs & charger included ➜ Bluetooth version with TWN Hand Held Indicator available - contact for lead time

IE-1700 Crane Scale

➜ robust aluminium cast housing ➜ rechargeable battery with 50hrs of use ➜ easy- to-read 1.2“ LED display ➜ On/Off, Zero, Tare & Hold function ➜ kg/lb conversion ➜ wireless remote control ➜ low battery & overload indication ➜ compact & easily portable

TM Tension Meter

➜ waterproof aluminium/steel enclosure ➜ IP65 rated ➜ weighing unit conversion ➜ units: kg, lb, N, kN, daN, ton (short, long, metric) ➜ large LCD display ➜ 5 function keys ➜ peak hold ➜ set points for relay control and keypad setup ➜ long battery life

Tackle the harshest environments with a heavy-industrial WBK load cell that’s built to last

Our team offer globally recognised WBK weighbridge load cells that are OIML R60 certified and trade approved. These high-precision compression and tension load cells are state-of-the-art, available in three load cell capacities up to 50 tonnes, and specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of a weighbridge or tank application. They are also made from stainless steel, are hermetically sealed, and have built-in surge protection and a range of mounting kits. In addition, this load cell's superior enclosure rating withstands heat and protects them for over 300 hours submersed in 1.5 metres of water.

Of course, depending on your weighbridge requirements, other types of load cells are available, including HC (high capacity) canister compression ones with dust and water protection and a capacity of up to 200 tonnes. However, like many of our systems, product knowledge is key. But luckily, you don’t have to worry if you’re confused about which set-ups are the best because at CAS (NZ) Ltd, we provide you with expert advice and a comprehensive support network. In addition, our wrap-around service ensures you are taken care of, from guiding you through the sales process with technical expertise and product knowledge to outlining the key features that make our weighing solutions stand out from our competitors. So to experience unprecedented support and advice about growing your business with quality and performance - call us first.

WBK Weighbridge Load Cell

➜ IP68 rated ➜ stainless steel ➜ hermatically sealed ➜ lighting protected ➜ Ex ia IIC T6 ➜ OIML R60 ➜ OIML

HFS Platform - HFS Platform Scale

➜ robust construction ➜ IP66 rated ➜ non-skid groved steel platform ➜ load cell wire protected by flexible cable ➜ high quality powder coating ➜ load cell corner (adjustable) P.C.B ➜ adjustable swivel feet ➜ incorporates single pass automatic span calibration and is RFI/EMI Shielded
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